3 Powerful Liver Diet Foods

Your liver is your bodies inner filtration system, keeping blood clear and assisting in breaking down and producing proteins, enzymes, hormones, and turning nutrients to usable components for the blood.

Obviously it’s important to limit or avoid alcohol, tobacco, and high sugar diets. But here is a list of healthy clean liver diet changes you can make!

Garlic A Powerful Liver Diet Food

Find ways to fit more garlic into your meals! Known often for it’s heart healthy attributes, garlic is a “superfood” that can assist in fighting infection and plays an important role in protecting and repairing a damaged liver. Garlic is categorized as ‘seleniferous’ meaning it will pull selenium from soil even in conditions other plants would not and selenium is a most important mineral for the immune system and liver function. Garlic contains sulphur containing compounds like Allicin that are critical to protecting the liver and assist in detoxification. Garlic can help the body metabolize iron, acts as an anti-inflammatory, heart healthy, powerful as a liver protective and is delicious. Try to use raw garlic, freshly minced and given a few minutes to sit to allow healthy enzymes to activate! Try not to heat garlic with too much heat or for too long to preserve both flavour and health benefits.

Tumeric makes curry heart and liver healthyA tasty curry will contain turmeric that is a potent contributor to your bodies health (Listed by worlds healthiest foods). Turmeric is often found in Indian cuisine and is the centre of multiple studies for it’s properties that inhibit the spread of cancer cells. Turmeric can help regenerate liver cells, protect against damage, stimulate digestion of fats, and assist bile production and gallbladder health. Not to mention being a rich antioxidant.  Traditionally a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant it’s health benefits for the heart, liver, even the brain make it one of the healthiest foods on the planet. So learn to make a tasty curry, and find other ways to include turmeric and curcumin into your diet.

Grapefruit not just for weight loss, but great for the liver.Start the day with a grapefruit. Ignore the fad diets, even though grapefruit may help you shed pounds, it’s important to focus on the powerful liver health benefits when you make grapefruit part of your daily diet. Grapefruit can slow down phase one detox in your liver which prevents hyperactivity and limit free radical production that overwhelms phase 2 detoxification, basically telling your liver to ‘pace yourself’ and lowers stress levels. This also means certain drugs can remain in your bloodstream longer, thus reaching their desired results with a lower dosage, this is a double edged sword and you should ask your doctor if you are on taking any medications how they are known to interact with grapefruit. A delicious antioxidant that helps you flush carcinogens, boost glutathione production via Vitamin C, healthy with antimicrobial agents, and is heart healthy. Adding grapefruit to your diet is a no brainer, and if it helps you shed a few pounds at the same time, who’s complaining?

Note: Gentlemen.. if you are eating grape-fruits DAILY and experiencing erectile dysfunction you should check out this article by Dr. Sinatra. Expressing both some anti cancer and heart benefits while also noting a potential undesirable effect.

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